v1.3 - The Security Update

After a premature launch yesterday, I got all the bugs out and the security update is live! Here are some of the improvements:

v1.2 - Loans and a Windows Client!

Loans are out for PRO users, and a new Windows Client!

The switch to hcaptcha

Users of NorthWatch may have noticed that when you login, you are now solving an hCaptcha, instead of a Google reCAPTCHA.

v1.1 - Forums!

Forums are here! The old support system is gone, in favor of the new forums! You can now ask the community questions, not just me.


NorthWatch is offically out of beta! The pro price is going up a few bucks to $5 USD due to increased features, but it is still one time. This is also the start of the official blog! These features have been released in the past ~2 months, and are all being compiled here. From here on, all features will be in full releases, with a blog post and all the features dropping at once.